The Weak Signal Propagation Reporter Network is a group of amateur radio operators using K1JT's MEPT_JT digital mode to probe radio frequency propagation conditions using very low power (QRP/QRPp) transmissions. The software is open source, and the data collected are available to the public through this site.

Just ordered a QRPLabs ULTIMATE3S kit. Only 20mtrs until payday. Hoping to order the relay and the LPF filter boards for 40,30,17 and 15Mtrs.Plus the GPS unit
I'll be running it all through my Hustler 6-BTV.
I've also ordered some more BF170's for the higher output.

Thinking too about using the VELLMANN voltage regulators to power the processor, GPS and the PA section (At a higher voltage,,,say,,,12v) I can then use a 13.8v PSU that is in the shack to run everything.

Testing with a scope on a dummy load I found my Ultimate3S has only been producing 20mW rather than the 100mW I was expecting. I added an extra transistor on the power amplifier but did not succeed in increasing the power. Now (back inside the house and) attached to the G5RV I only got one spot yesterday and one the day before (same station Jorgen OZ7IT in Denmark and roughly same time). I wonder if drift is also a problem? It should be OK as calibrated by GPS.

The last 2 months have been very active for WSPR. Excellent server uptime and improved signal decoding (K9AN decoder) have really helped the spot numbers grow.

January 2015 was the first time there was over 8 million spots for the month. January had 8,037,932 spots. Prior to that, the closest we came to 8 million was in March of 2014 which had 7,917,817 spots.

The service provider where this server is hosted has planned a scheduled downtime around 2015-03-08 1800Z. If all goes well, the outage will be brief, but I wanted to let everyone know.

I am using a 5m fishing pole antenna in the garden with three radials. The Ultimate3 and MJF manual tuner are in a waterproof laptop bag on my lawn. It should give me a more uniform radiation pattern than the horizontal dipole I was using before.

My old U3 was set to extended WSPR which I understand sends the six character Maidenhead locator. When I started transmitting with my new U3S beacon I forgot to configure extended WSPR but the WSPRnet database still shows a 6 char locator. I notice some have a 4 char locator. Does the database somehow retain the locator even if only reports of 4 char locators are sent?


Bill M0WLH


I am not sure if somebody already did this, but here it is. I have been sick at home for few days, so i have decided to convert the excellent port of the WSRP decoder in C by Steve(K9AN)
so it can be compiled in Windows, under the free version of Visual Studio Express.

Then it is just one command like executable and two dll's that need to be dropped in the Wspr-x
directory. I did very little testing, so it might be buggy. Some rudimentary logging has been added to track problems to a text log file.

Finally got the U3 up and working correctly with GPS stabilization. Running with a severe handicap, though: my 40M dipole under the eave of the house. We'll see if somebody out there can hear us. Running a 10-minute frame starting on the fours.

After receiving a Raspberry Pi 2 from Element 14 Australia, the first thing I attempted was to compile and run WSPR 3.9 with a Signalink USB Soundcard (IC-7000 with a dipole converted from a broken G5RV). I followed the instructions of G4FRE ( except for an updated URL for the SVN repository (and using revision 2840 of the WSPR code).

Last night I achieved the farthest spot so far for me on 630m:

2015-02-27 11:40 WH2XNA 0.475722 -27 0 CM97ag 0.5 WE2XPQ BP51ip 3302 334

Many thanks to KL7L / WE2XPQ for pulling my signal out.


As many of you probably noticed, the WSPRnet site was hacked earlier today. My apologies for any inconvenience. As far as I know, the site is now up-to-date with the latest security patches and the damage is cleaned up, but we shall see. The good news is that spot upload should not have been interrupted. If you notice things which look suspicious, please let me know.

Just installed the upgraded synths in the K3 that allow for operation in LF/MF. Since I don't have an experimental license I'll be RX only but will leave the RX on most of the time on 630m.

Antenna for now is a two element AL24 RX array spaced 70ft fed into an NCC-1. This is normally used for 160m and 80m. When the snow goes away I'll get my BOGs working again.


I've installed the WSJT program, but for some reason I am having problems getting WSPR 2.0... I'm guessing that it just will not run on this OS. If anyone knows how to get it to run on ubuntu, please fill me in.

Finally have wspr up and running, using old laptop and xp to my ts 940 and dipole. Great results as seen on WSPRnet.....great programs 73's to all those involved in this great mode...

With the ARRL CW contest the 160m is not usable. That night I stayed on 630m. Finally a good choice, I heard with some luck WG2XJM (part 5 license of NO3M) for the first time in 2015 (last time 2014-02-08):
2015-02-22 04:14 WG2XJM 0.475775 -31 0 EN91wr 5 F59706 JN07th 6206 54
A test to retry...
73, Patrick

I am trying out my new Ultimate3S kit on same antenna as the breadboard U3 was on. Lets see if anyone can hear it.

Hi guys and girls,

When the light is on in the shack the station is manned.

My Webcam (doesn't work under Internet Exploder)

Anyway, I'm running the following hardware:

OS: Linux Mint Mate 64bit
WSPR: Wspr 4.0 revision 4889
TRX: Kenwoord TS-590S (set as TS-2000 else it fails CAT and VOX for PTT!)
Antenna 80~6m: G5RV about 15 meter up in the trees horizontal
Antenna 160: Homebreb longwire-inverted-V put up to 18 meter, counterpart is a long fence. Matched with 1:4 balun.

QRZ? Listening with dipole at 70 feet. Peaberry SDR v. 2

Hi all WSPRssssssssssss!!! :-)

it's time to share my happiness with all my wspr friends worldwide.
right now I received my callsign, and then I'm former swlnovara, former iz1034swl,
brand new iu1dzz.
it seems sounds good on cw :-)

Love You All


I'm waiting on a couple of base HF rigs and getting my station grounding done, etc... I'll be working with a TS-480SAT and ts-570d, signalink and laptop setup in the garage. I'll run through an LDG tuner to my remote in attic which has separate 15m, 10m, and 6m double bazooka's installed in an inverted vee fashion along the rafters. Can't wait to learn a bit about propagation while i'm working towards general upgrade. I plan on just sticking w 6m and 10m until then. I may try some 2m stuff w my little yagi and ht. Who knows... It'll be fun exploring and learning.