The Weak Signal Propagation Reporter Network is a group of amateur radio operators using K1JT's MEPT_JT digital mode to probe radio frequency propagation conditions using very low power (QRP/QRPp) transmissions. The software is open source, and the data collected are available to the public through this site.

Finally realized that I could use the XVTX/C port on my FLEX-1500 to TX at 1 mW. Been running it all afternoon and evening on 30M and plan to run it all night, at least. Will try other bands later when the contest is over. Using a G5RV at 45ft. WSPR-X TX set at 50%. Thanks to the spotters below as they are the first to hear me at reference power!

Today, I've got 69spots on 6m WSPR from VK and ZL.
It was very lucky that the condition lasted over 3hours.
Thank you very much.


Completed the Ultimate 3 kit build. Everything seems to be working just fine. Love the new backlit LCD. Need to check freq and calibrate. Running WSPR now on indoor dipole on 28126150 but no spots. Must be off a bit. Will investigate.

First foray into digital modes and thought I'd try WSPR following a demo at our radio club.

Set up a Yaesu 817 with a signalink USB and running 5W into a Miracle Whip.

Wow, what results I'm getting from the South Coast of the UK on 30m.

I've decoded 143 LZ1OI, and 47 EA5DOM. I can see another trace at 210 ish, just outside the band, so I'll try tuning 20 Hz higher to see if I can decode it. My calibration may be a bit out?

That brought another station into the band, but no decode. I can see another station futher up. I see no stations in the lower 50 Hz of the band. I'll tune up another 40Hz, so dial freq 28.124,66 Mhz now 12:31 UTZ.

I active daily in 10.138.7 khz. 24h. The power is 5 w. and the antenna is a vertical line on a fishing pole 6 meters long.. with a remote automatic tuner.
Daily reporting DX stations from Asia. Oceania. Americas and European friends. Especially congratulate YV4GJN, LA9JO, 4X1RF, W3HH, WD6DOD, EA6FG, and many others.. .. always well heard here in Spain.
Confirm any report via eqsl. bureau or direct. My info:
Greetings to all. Merry Christmas.! Andreu T. 73 EA5WO


Yesterday the propagation was clearly better than the weeks before and many european stations were listening.
I hope tonight will be as good, and reports arriving from Australia seem to confirm this.

Yan - XV4Y.
Yannick DEVOS - XV4Y

Generally, propagation conditions in 160m wspr between NA and EU are erratic. Similarly, an NA signal can be heard strongly somewhere in Europe and 500km away from there the signal is zero. Well, last night and around EU sunrise, Ian (N9XG) showed us something very different. Its 5w were heard continuously from 03:36z until 07:16z in a wide band from Goteborg (Sweden) to Valencia (Spain) by 10 European stations: The lucky ones are (fm north to South): SM6WZI, OZ7IT, G8DYK, PA0O, PE1MPX, GW0OAJ, G4BOO, DK6UG, F59706, EA5ZL. Congratulations to Ian (N9XG) for this wonderful session.

I checked into the Northern California 432 SSB Net on 432.100 MHz at 1900 PST on Sunday night and also listened carefully as 1 kW net control station KG6HXI in Wilton CA swung her large Yagi antenna calling for check ins around the compass points. I heard some weak SSB signals at or below the noise level from the north and south SF bay area. This suggests that 432 MHz WSPR contacts are possible from Sacramento to those areas.

Hi Folks:
I've been monitoring 15 min mode on 160, but no hits. Is there a distinction in the activity list for 15 min mode? I don't see anything.

Listening only on 30 meters. The antenna is a delta loop whose base is 10 feet off the ground. The loop is fed 1/4 down on one side with window line. The RXer is the Flex 5000A and I am using the second receiver as the source for WSPR.

Ho attivato un trasmettitore a Cerano Italia (JN45ik)

Ora trasmettitori 24h24 UTC con qrss un dipolo a ( V )lungo 7,13 x 2
dal mio balcone a Cerano,locatore JN45ik, antenna rivolta Nord/Est.
trasmette codice Morse CW frequenza 10140,800 khz
Lunghezza di frame 21 wpm qrx 10 second QRX
Nominativo è Ik1hgi/b
Antonio, Ik1hgi 73

Open again to VK5 via Ducting through a High Pressure cell. Calling on 50.276 MHz JT65 when WSPR spots a path.

Now trasmitting (until approx 17.00 UTC) with Ultimate2 v2.05 and a very provisional dipole from my balcony in Livorno, Italy (JN53), with orientation towards West.

WSPR 28126,150

FSKCW 28000,850

CW 28280,850

Frame length (cycle repetition rate) is 10 minutes

Callsign is IZ5WWB

Daniele, IZ5WWB

Were these reports indicating combination of TEP and ES?
It was regrettable that I couldn't send WSPR report to VK2KRR.

WSPR 28124,850 kHz
FSKCW 28000,850 kHz
CW 28280,850 kHz

Daniele, IZ5WWB


je redémarre les modes numériques avec la même configuration que vous Michel KX3 et signal link pour l'instant je ne fais que de la réception . Comment paramètrer vous le logiciel wspr au niveau des port pour l'émission, utilisez vous le CAT enable ?
Je suis très friand de votre expérience le paramètrage des cartes son me pose souvent problèmes

I learned so much about radio propagation during last few weeks thanks to WSPR network. I think WSPR is also a good way to track someone on trail, it's like hams' "SpotMe" without paying any fee. Fantastic!

This morning was a clear and sunny day here in JN53, but definitely too windy to be comfortable both for me and my telescopic whip antennas. Well, at least all stuff is ready for use, batteries are charged, a good location for portable operation has been identified in the hills behind Livorno, so now it is only matter of waiting for good weather conditions, hopefully in the coming week.


Daniele IZ5WWB

Hi all,

unless blocked by higher priorities, I will perform my very first tx tests next Sunday in the morning from JN53 (portable operation).

Current plan is to use first a ground plane antenna (approx. 7.30-8.30 UTC) then a rotatable dipole (approx. 8.30-9.30 UTC for the N-S direction, 9.30-10.30 UTC for the E-W direction).

The G0UPL Ultimate2 beacon kit will be used for transmission, continuously running following sequence of modes/frequencies, with callsign IZ5WWB:

WSPR 28126,850 kHz
QRSS (FSKCW) 28000,850 kHz
CW 28280,800 kHz