The Weak Signal Propagation Reporter Network is a group of amateur radio operators using K1JT's MEPT_JT digital mode to probe radio frequency propagation conditions using very low power (QRP/QRPp) transmissions. The software is open source, and the data collected are available to the public through this site.

First 500 spots from database sorted according to distance:

2015-12-01 09:32 KD6RF 1.838120 -21 0 EM22ld 5 VK2KRR QF34mr 14357 248
2015-12-01 09:48 KD6RF 1.838120 -25 0 EM22lc 5 VK2KRR QF34mr 14355 248

First 100 spots from database sorted for distance:

2015-11-30 11:46 VK6XT 1.838010 -25 0 OF86td 10 N2NOM FN22bg 18511 48
2015-11-30 11:50 VK6XT 1.838010 -26 0 OF86td 10 N2NOM FN22bg 18511 48

2015-11-30 12:18 VK6XT 1.838011 -20 0 OF86td 10 W3PM EM64or 17775 81

2015-11-30 12:18 VK6XT 1.838010 -30 0 OF86td 10 K9PAW EN61ar 17614 61

2015-11-30 12:54 VK6XT 1.838014 -28 0 OF86td 10 WA0JYF EN42eb 17309 62

First active dx night on 160m with around 280 dx spots "across the pond",
5 NA stations transmitting and heard by 4 EU stations.
9 EU stations transmitting and heard by 14 NA stations.
To note our friend Hamish (GM4SFW) heard by K2RH for his first "across" of the season.
I myself heard KD6RF, K9AN, K4LY and a new station K4MOG.
With this one i reach 21 unique NA callsigns heard for the new season of my RX Challenge(previous/same period:19)

Thank you all and GL, 73

Discovered a new COOL "feature" in this version.

Spotting 2 stations on the same frequency in the same timeslot.

I logged 130 "twofers" in October out of 60k spots. Mostly on 20 and 30 M, once on 10 M.

K4COD began seeing this when he upgraded to 1.6.1 as well. We had been running 1.6.0 previously.

I wonder how the decoder is able to work this magic. Very neat !

Thanks to all of you who make WSPR a reality.


John / K5XL

anyone interested in using a cq100 ( 29.435 ) as a talk frequency for wspr?

Delighted with the new WSJT integrating WSPR with JT65 etc.

I usually run WSPR with a little Flex 1500 SDR but sometimes with an Apache 100D SDR - both at the 5 watt level. Antenna here is a low horizontal doublet about 20 long and about 5M height mainly for 80/40 NVIS. But with WSPR it seems to go OK on the higher HF bands.

QTH is RE78rs Martinborough (pop 1000) in the far SE corner of the North Island. Hoping to have a 12M vertical doublet up soon for better DX coverage.

Previous calls ZS6BCT, ZS1AMB, VK2BQM

I build ultimate3s beacon kit and it is been running few days on 10m band using my callsign OH1KK.

Yesterday I was really suprised when I saw spot:

2015-11-21 12:30 call OH1KK MHz 28.126094 SNR -24 Drift 0 Grid KP13un Pwr 0.1 Reporter SV9RMU RGrid KM25bl Distance 3123km azimuth 179

Boats have a problem getting HF through a forest of masts in a marina. Tui is currently in Hartlepool with the WSPR transmitting through the tuner and main mast back stay antenna used by the marine MF/HF radio. It has a clear view to the west, and a fairly clear view to the south but a forest of masts north and east.

This link should show where we are although the boats have changed since the photo was taken


I had received 5 stations (!) en 136 Khz last 24h between november 14 and 15 :

Since septembre, I had received 11 stations en this band. I hope there is other !
I monitoring again ...

David, F4HBT

Its really encouraging to see the likes of Phil FR5DN on Reunion Island trying to give 2m WSPR a run along the path to South Africa (and Australia ;) ). I see we have ZS5LEE and ZS5HV monitoring at the far end. I cant wait to one day see some lines on the map!

Phil FR5DN has made this path to South African stations numerous times before on 144 MHz SSB, JT65 etc. Here is a link to Phil's website with some data about the Tropo paths from Reunion

This excellent web site is written and maintained by Bruce Walker, W1BW. We haven't heard from Bruce in quite some time; presumably he's very busy with work or other obligations.

I get frequent emails from people saying something like "I applied for a WSPRnet account and received a confirmation email telling me approval was pending. Then nothing... Can you help?"

I always tell people to contact W1BW. But I can guess what happens, because I can't raise Bruce by email, either.

Note: under development and very experimental.
Click here for more information.

Just by chance I was checking 10m around midnight and heard Dave, W1VR (EL98it) 5 times between 0552z and 0628z. First three decodes were strong at -6,-7, and -6. Finished with -24 and -24.

I was heard once at 0600z.
2015-11-12 06:00 KB9AMG 28.126126 -29 0 EN52tx 5 W1VR EL98it 1698 156 was showing a sporadic E cloud in northern Georgia.

Other nearby stations WJ9H (EN53ga) and K9AN (EN50wc) had already been reporting W1VR for about an hour by the time I tuned in.

Sporadic E is an interesting propagation mode.

Now WSPR-X v0.9 r3621 is working on my RaspberryPi 2 model B.

This weekend, I am testing out an end fed 1/2 dipole for portable operation on 20 meters. Nothing fancy. Matching network is a 8:1 impendanc transformation with a resonant tank curcuit. At the time of this posting, I have the antenna strung across the radio room on the second floor on the house. I think it a good worse case test scenario. Running 1W from a Yaesu 857D.

Now have an Ultimate 3S and RD15HVF1 up and running 80 thru to 6m.
Is it me or is 12m the definition of an RF black spot in 2 weeks.

I'm sitting on 160 metres, trying WSPR 15 - but there seems to be no central logging system. If anyone is hearign me, please could they let me know?

And I will post anything I hear here.

Dear OM's,

I've just finished my 50W PA, so hopefully my signal will increase for ca. 12dB. So maybe it's enaugh for my first CW QSO's...

If you can read my whisper signal with a fair SNR please contact me by mail DL6II (at) darc (dot) de for a sked.

vy73 de Vinny, DL6II