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I've been very surprised by what I've heard on 160m this past week.

I heard VK2KRR this morning, and VK6DZ on the 7th, 10th, and today.

A few years ago, I remember seeing my cw skimmer decode a vk6 station on 160m. Up until now, I thought it was just a bad decode or some harmonic from another band on the sdr-iq.

I'll be listening on 160m from about 0400-1330 for the next 4 days. 12th through the 15th. Hope to get some more VK decodes and add them to the list at the end of the week.


Made some changes to the 2-way wspr reports at my website http://mardie4.100webspace.net/
added some .html files to make it easier to browse the reports. Use to be just a directory list of files.

I've been trying for some time to get my SDR-IQ to decode 2 different modes at the same time using the 2 channel stereo demod in SpectraVue. Finally got it working today. For awhile I had it somewhat working and I could send the audio from two different frequencies (on the same band) to 2 different programs (wspr/psk/jt65a) but the audio was always mixed which made WSPR decoding a nightmare with jt65 or psk signals mixed in.

It took my computer about 2.5 hours to crunch all the WSPR data for October. Over 3.6 million spots resulted in 219,345 unique records. The top WSPR spotter for October was DK6UG spotting 2445 stations. The most spotted station, spotted 2213 times, was VE6PDQ operating from both DO33 and DO34. Of the 219,345 unique spots for October, over a third were on 10 meters (78,410). 20m was close with 73,982. And 30m a distant 3rd at 34,105. The complete lists are posted at http://mardie4.100webspace.net/

After processing nearly 3.5 million WSPR spots from November, there turned out to be about 243,000 unique spots (based upon spotter, station being spotted, 4 character grid squares, and band). Stations WSPRing from multiple 4 character grid squares may have higher totals than those stations operating from just one grid square.

The top 10 stations spotted in November were: