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I change my mind again. Now I am using an end fed 125' to a 49/1 so I can beacon 80-15 meter bands. I don't want to use a tuner if i can avoid it. 1/5th of a watt; I don't want to waste any of it in coils. Having a hoot of a time on 30 meters.

They have my membership date wrong on this site. It has been at least 4 years. OH well, It's not important. I'm building one of the QRP-LABS 200 milliwatt WSPR beacon. I already built the QLG-1 satellite synchronized clock receiver; which works fine. I think it is a well thought out design and circuit board layout. It has nice big solder pads to get the 1 pulse per second timed pulse and data output to connect to. This device synchronizes the WSPR transmitter to send the signals at the proper time.

Obviously I screwed up. How do I get it back?