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I have been looking everywhere on this website for the WSPR 1.1 link. I had found it a few weeks ago, but lost it. However, I did download the 1.1 package previously, so I posted it to my Windows Live SkyDrive...in case anyone else wanted to have it as well.



I am simply floored at how effective MEPT_JT/WSPR is at conveying data/signals at low power over long distances. Today being no exception, HA5MRC, the Muegyetemi Radioklub in Hungary received my 250 mW signal...for a nice miles per watt of 17752 miles!

Not bad for a quarter of a watt into a low antenna.


There is much to be said pertaining to the expected performance of a PC that is to run WSPR/WSJT7. I have been running both of my Windows PCs (one is a 500 MHz PIII with XP Home, the other a 1 GHz Athlon with Vista Home Basic) for a few days now simultaneously running WSPR on both machines. I am amazed at the difference in captures with the fast PC. Not only do I catch more WSPR beacons, but weaker ones as well. The Vista PC has been capturing beacons at -24, -26...and even -28 dB.

At this point, I can say that I am COMPLETELY amazed at MEPT_JT, and its capabilities. Today, I received VK6BN's transmissions 3 times...from Australia to Western New York on 30 meters. AWESOME. SIMPLY AWESOME.


After downloading WSPR and installing it onto my XP Home machine, and making sure that Dimension4 was installed and updating, I was treated to my first batch of calls that were decoded on 30 meters. Hopefully, there are others that are receiving my 500 mW from my FT-817ND...although from what I have read, 500 mW seems like quite a bit of power.


Greetings everyone. I'm actually here due to the inspiration from Mark KF6KYI. I have been a user of JT65A, and have been looking for the "next frontier", so to speak. I hope to not only learn more about this amazing mode, but look forward to making some incredible contacts as well...since first and foremost I AM a QRP enthusiast. (Using JT65A, I worked Belarus with 3 watts....I can't wait to see what else is possible)