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I plan to migrate and upgrade the server to new hardware, newer OS release, etc., about 8 Sep 0100-0300Z. Sorry about the downtime, but we'll come out of this in better shape! I really don't know how long it will take to upgrade the database, but expect downtime for at least ~2 hours.

I would like to introduce the new WSPRnet Admin team of volunteers to help me maintain this site and it's user accounts:

Corrie M0XDK
Erwin PE3ES
Johnny K5ACL
Gary W1GJM

As many of you know, I've been doing a pretty lousy job at keeping up with WSPRnet site maintenance because of life and job priorities. I keep meaning to do better, but it's time to get some help! I know there have been people offering to volunteer at various times, but I figured I would just put out a fresh request for help.

The service provider where this server is hosted has planned a scheduled downtime around 2015-03-08 1800Z. If all goes well, the outage will be brief, but I wanted to let everyone know.

As many of you probably noticed, the WSPRnet site was hacked earlier today. My apologies for any inconvenience. As far as I know, the site is now up-to-date with the latest security patches and the damage is cleaned up, but we shall see. The good news is that spot upload should not have been interrupted. If you notice things which look suspicious, please let me know.

I just returned from holiday, and I just caught up on the many new user account approvals pending since Stu's departure (below) as the person who handled most of that side of the site administration the last several years. So if you have been waiting for your account to be enabled, it should be now. Going forward, I'll try to keep up with this on a regular basis. 73,

Tonight, I upgraded the core content management system used by WSPRnet. Not everything is back to where it was, but I'm done for the night. I will clean up some of the formatting and presentation tomorrow. Thanks for your patience!

I plan to try to move the WSPRnet server to a hosting provider early Saturday UTC, probably 0200-0400Z. Downtime should last about an hour, but I'm not sure of the timing yet. Thanks for your patience and understanding!

Sorry for the delay in getting to this, but I believe I have added the necessary site support for WSPR-15 spots. I no longer fix up spots with the timestamps on spots at :15 and :45 minutes past the hour. I have also restored the original times on all such spots over the few months. Please let me know if anything looks wrong!

I have greatly re-worked the set of things which happen to do the daily processing after 0000Z (database backups, dump of csv extracts, gathering of data for stats/graph page). I was also being a bit too aggressive about how many web server processes to run, with the result that the server was swapping during all the stats processing. I think that should all be fixed now.

On another front, I have started to keep another database table of an "activity log", which should aid in future automatic fixup of wrong band reports. I have some more development to do, but stay tuned!

First of all, we hit another major milestone recently, as we surpassed 100M spots in the database over the past 4.5 years!

However, many of you may have noticed that the site is extremely sluggish or unavailable during the hour or two after 0000Z, when it's doing it's daily stats computations and csv file dumps. It seems that every order of magnitude or so, I need to re-architect aspects of the database, and we're clearly at that point again.

After a long hiatus, I am back to actively working on enhancing the WSPRnet.org site. In the past two days, I've done the following:

Just an update on the server problems at wsprnet.org: After trying several different kernels from our virtual machine hosting provider, I believe we finally have one which does not suffer from the frequent crashing problems which plagued this site for the last several months. I hope I'm not jinxing it by announcing it, but the site has now been up for 11 days, and the previous record for the prior month was 3 days. Thank you all for your patience!

I just wanted to bring everyone up-to-date on the server reliability issues we have had here at WSPRnet the past few months. Unfortunately, for much of that time, I was not very active either at hamming or at server upkeep because of work commitments. However, I am very actively on the case now.

You may recall, I partially implemented data scrubbing on incoming data in April of this year. It looks for bogus calls, duplicates (including mixing product harmonics...receiving the same signal at multiple freqencies in the passband), etc. Because of some controversy, I never did roll out the "wrong band" detection code, because of some concerns it might be overly aggressive. Anyway, the implementation deleted the bad spots by moving them into a separate table. I have about 250k of them.