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Merry Christmas!

My Christmas WSPR outing for the QCX+ on top band was fun. I will be downloading the DB to analyse the signals, but so far so good. I can see drift as I'm not locked to GPS yet but results overall very good.

I'm currently static maritime mobile near Goole Docks UK. (IO93) just off the tidal rivers Ouse and Humber, which leads out to the North Sea. I don't think there is much salt water in the marina as it's behind Ocean Lock and a little inland by about a mile on a freshwater river.

I've been mildly interested in WSPR (and weak signal in general). Today I decided to listen on 10m - put the RX loudspeaker on the table next to my netbook running WSPR. Shortly after it decoded 4A4BEJ at 2127Km which correlated with the database.

Wow! Nothing special here RX wise, just a quarter wave vertical and IC-706. I'm going to work with WSPR more often and think about an audio interface to the transceiver. Reading the forum here shows a good community around WSPR as well.

Good WSPRing - David.