Dreams of Phone contacts - just celebrate WSPR

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Dreams of Phone contacts - just celebrate WSPR

A signal which is transmitted with 1 Watt in a narrow 6HZ wide channel versus a signal which is a fully modulated SSB voice channel at 1 Watt, is 23dB greater in strength.

The inherent noise in a typical SSB voice is so wide, if a slice 6HZ wide were used the SNR is so much better.

A 100 Watt SSB signal will have the same coverage as a 1 Watt WSPR signal.

Imagine using 5 Watts on WSPR , you will work the whole planet.

It is this noise ratio in such a small width signal that gives WSPR it's superior edge.

So as we continue with such low levels of Solar activity, let us hope the WSPR ranks will swell, with Hams who don't like to leave their expensive gear idle until the next peak.