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Noob question

Brand new to WSPR and I'm having mixed success

I run Windows Vista, and a Navigator interface and have no problems with other modes.
I receive with no issues, but no-one has spotted my TX yet :(

I have another radio and PC so I can monitor what I put out. On that setup, I see a decode of my call but the grid shown is FN not FN10 ??? In the file "ALL.TXT" is see:
"134200 Transmitting: WSPR W3UTD FN " so where is that message format coming from and how can I get the grid to be FN10?

Both setups have the clocks sychronized using Dimension 4
TX is set to 5 watts
Ant is a vertical
WSJT Ver. 7.03

Any suggestions?

Fraser, W3UTD