Multimode Visual and WSPR MEPT Beacon

This seems a handy place to Notify and Remind everyone about my 5 unit Multimode Visual + WSPR MEPT.

Reports to the WSPR Spots or Screen Captures are always welcome, whilst it does involve a shift of Dial Frequency to 10.1386 in order to receive the Beacon, during this time stations can still RX and TX in the 10.140100 to 10.140200 Range.

MEPT Frequency 10.140073MHz.
Power 40mW.
Antenna 40m 1/2 Wave Doublet + ATU - OR 6m Vertical + ATU - OR 0.9m Hairspray Vertical. (Variable)
Modes QRSS3 Morse, RTZ (Return to Zero) Morse, S/MT Hellschreiber, all 5unit code. WSPR (MEPT_JT) 4 unit code.

12Volt Power Source 1Watt Solar Panel Float charging 12Volt Accumulators. Current drain 53mA.

PIC 16F628 Micro - 74HC4053 Multiplexer - 74HC86 VCXO - 74HC240 PA
WSPR (MEPT_JT) Data starts precisely every 14 minutes, any RX session must obviously be at least this long.

Pictures and results can be seen at :-