WSPR MEPT to study 10 propagation

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WSPR MEPT to study 10 propagation

I would like to propose the use of WSPR MEPT to study 10 propagation over the next week. This will be one way WSPR, not QSOs. I am proposing that digital radio enthusiasts place there transceivers on 10M WSPR when they are not using their radio for other purposes. It does not need to be a full time activity, just when you radio is not doing anything else. I would propose that all signals transmitted be less than 5 watts. The use of the "upload spots" feature in WSPT 1.0 is encouraged and the WSPR database at be the repository of our efforts. Before we start, does anyone have a suggested dial frequency for 10M WSPR that we can set in WSPR 1.0 ?

Andy K3UK