WSPR 2 compatible with WSPR 1

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WSPR 2 compatible with WSPR 1

Thanks to Jon M1CBH I now have a copy of WSPR 2. I will have to wait for Joe's site to come up to find out about the frequency correction features, but I am now trying it out on 80m.

I see that there is an option to send a 6-digit locator and I see a couple of stations are printed up in a different format showing a 6-digit locator. How do beacons that use the new feature appear to those who are running WSPR 1? Will we still be spotted, or is it best to delay using the new feature until everyone has upgraded to WSPR 2?

One thing that WSPR 2 does not support which might have been expected is QSO mode. I've always thought that QSO mode was unusable as there isn't enough time to decode the signals and set up a reply before the next period starts, and I've hardly ever seen anyone use it. Does the lack of support for it in WSPR 2 mean that QSO mode is dead?