We maybe need to synchronise local transmissions

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We maybe need to synchronise local transmissions

I haven't seen it here yet, but I wonder whether there might be a potential issue where many stations in local vicinity, all being received at ++ might be squeezing out the weak DX.

You W & K stations - you have several local stations received. I've seen sig rpts like +20dB. Is it worth synchonising transmissions with local stations so that you are all RECEIVING AND TRANSMITTING at the same time? I'm thinking that local receiver is closing AGC on a strong signal, thereby preventing reception of a weak signal.

Potential for a quick 300bps quip at the beginning and the end of the WSPR transmission with all the details of the station with smarts in the app to sync transmission time with the locals, just to let the DX get a word in.

Just thinking out loud. Coments and suggestions welcome.

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