CAT - Icom 703 and 7700

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CAT - Icom 703 and 7700

I have CAT working, well, sort of.

Icom's 7700 doesn't feature in the list of rigs but, if I modify the CI-V address on the 7700 from x74 to x6A and tell WSPR that I have a 7800 then both PTT and frequency control work.

On my Icom 703, frequency changing works fine but, if I try to use CAT PTT I get...

set_ptt: error = Feature not available the DOS window. PTT is supported within the 703 command set but I guess Rigctl doesn't know that. Again, if I change the 703 CI-V address from x68 to x6A and tell WSPR that the radio is a 7800 then the 703 PTT works fine under CAT control.

I hope this helps anyone puzzling with Icom CAT and WSPR.

73 Martin