An Introduction

My name is Andrew. I was born in 1959. I built my first shortwave radio about 1974. I've been a ham for just about 20 years (It is time to renew, actually.) I had great fun with packet radio in the early 90s. In August of 2009, while vacationing in Good Hart MI, I was scanning the bands for anything interesting, and found a type of FSK I had not heard before. It was extremely narrow bandwidth. So narrow, that I had trouble discerning with my ear that it was any kind of data at all. It was heard on LF, about 290 kHz, too. Very strange, I thought. I recorded the signal, took it home and downloaded it to PC where I could view the waveform. Indeed, it was data.

Flash forward to November 30th, when I learned of something called WSPR. Aha! I downloaded the program, poked at the User Interface for a while, and finally read the user manual. In no time, I had decodes! How exciting.

This technology combines many areas of interest for me: Low power, beacons, and data over radio to name a few.

My current set up is RX only: Eton E1 radio and an Acer Aspire One netbook/laptop.

I thank to those who contribute in any way to WSPR. Now I have a reason to build a couple of QRP transmitters! Just what I need, more projects!