WSPR and WSPR mode on WSJT7 Question

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WSPR and WSPR mode on WSJT7 Question

OK,now,don't beat me up....this is only my second day learning WSPR:) Yesterday I successfully started up WSPR2 and began using it with uploading reports. That seems to be working FB. Today I tried using WSPR QSO mode on WSJT7....a separate learning curve to climb.

So far I have been able to set the audio input OK...(completely different setting from WSPR, BTW) And have been able to send a CQ. Unfortunately, I haven't been able to see any decoded signals...even after going through the decoding tutorial. Am I correct in assuming I have to select the signal to be received from the SpecJT screen? I have probably missed something in the process. Will keep trying/learning but any input to expedite would be appreciated....particularly questions that I can check/answer to guide me.

Many thanks,

Dave K4DPF