Graphic plots for wsprnet

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Graphic plots for wsprnet

Hi every, body this topic is about the graphic developed for wsprnet site.

Over the end/new year holidays i will begin to develop a tool for plot graphics for the site, my ideas are about 3 main concepts:

note: the "plot" value always is SNR

1- call_1 vs call_2 same band, over time (prefixed time: 12 hours, a day, a week a month a year)
2- call_1 vs call_2 same band over, daily time for a week a month or a year (main idea to plot a media of the hours of bether propagation for a long path in a specific time slot)
3- zonal (daily as idea 2) propagation plot (this is not priority for now), to say from me to ASIA in 30m over the last week, or month or a year, etc...

now, make you brain more active and let me know your proposal about new type of graphics... more to come in january stay tuned...

73 from CO7WT, Pavel. happy xmats & new year