WSPR with FT857D and 300Hz filter

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WSPR with FT857D and 300Hz filter

Hi friends,

because of heavy QRM by my neighbour`s cheap 100Hz tv-set - and he keeps it running by day and night, god knows, when this man sleeps, maybe, with the tv-set in his arms, hi - I have to use 300Hz cw-filter in usb for WSPR.
The problem, the FT857D jumps to a passband of 1000Hz, if I activate the 300Hz filter.
Shifting FT857D`s if-fq to 1500Hz, needs a waterfall, eg from MixW, for allignment always before initalisation of WSPR, not really practical!
I changed BFO to 1000Hz and the dial of FT857D (and of WSPR) 500Hz up to 10139.200.
That works for rx, but tx is 10140700, 500Hz up, outside WSPR band.
Entering 10.140200 in tx-window makes the tx-window getting red, but now rx and tx are okay, only the skale in WSPR software remains 500Hz up on 10.140700.
Knows someone, what will I have to do, to change this last fault, to get the right scale?
Other experiments, eg with split vfo or VOX instead of CAT, also didn`t come to a acceptable result, always something was wrong, either tx-fq - no one logs me -, or rx-fq - the uploaded spots have wrong fq -, or scale is outside WSPR band.
I only want to work WSPR with 1000Hz BFO-fq in the same manner, as I work with the original 1500Hz, that`s all......

73, su in WSPR
Tom, DL4VM