wspr and linux/windows

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wspr and linux/windows
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Looking at the comments with trying to get wspr to work under linux which is causing a lot of head scratching (hair pulling)me included ,I was wondering if you are having problems getting wspr to work on linux why not use the windows exe version and run it on linux using wine v1.1 problem solved wspr runs better as an exe under linux than windows ,but thats my version Please note I am very new to linux os I have recently got rid of all windows version software and moved over to ubuntu 9.10 I have problems trying to get wspr to work under linux even the wsjt sotware download in snaptic ,I sent in a bug report and was told the problem is with wsjt ,it fires up but drops out, thats when I deceided to run the exe version on ubuntu,so I am happy in knowing I can run windows .exe programs when I cannot get a program to run under linux. The screen shot was compressed using gimp