CAT Setup for Yaesu FT890 and Voluime set up

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CAT Setup for Yaesu FT890 and Voluime set up

Hi there. I'm relatively new to WSPR and PSK31. I have my Yaesu FT890 rig connected for PSK31 through a SignalLink USB and a cable from rear of FT890 to my Computer for CAT purposes and it works well.

Using the CAT option with WSPR2.0, the T/R switching works fine but no change in frequency on WSPR by moving the dial on the rig. I have hardware set as none, and CAT port set as none. CAT is checked and PTT set as DTR and PTT port as COM1.

All other aspects of WSPR work well. Any suggestions?

Lastly, what Rx volume should I adjust for best pick up of weak signals - the Rx on my SignalLink USB or the AF gain on my Yaesu? I'm unsure if I should increase either volume to pick up weakest signals or not.

Many thanks.