strange database entry

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strange database entry

I get occasional garbled lines in in the display of my WSPR software, but usually they don't cause anything to show up in the online database on I always assumed they were bad decodes or partial signals that confused the decoder.

Today I got one that showed up on the database, but with a callsign that appears bogus. Notice that it was reported twice, in the same time segment, with slightly different frequencies. On my map, it showed a signal path leading due south to Antarctica.

2010-03-05 21:02 7O2PFZ 10.140105 -33 0 KA83 0.02 NH7L BL11eg 12747 165
2010-03-05 21:02 7O2PFZ 10.140282 -27 0 KA83 0.02 NH7L BL11eg 12747 165

Anybody know what this might be? I operate receive-only.


Ernie NH7L