Not getting any reports on the database.

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Not getting any reports on the database.

HI there I have set up my FT817 using the vox option using one side of a pair of headphones against the mic on the transciever. I see the transciever switches to transmit ok and the signal appears to be going out according to the power meter on the rig.The ALC shows about two bars and is steady which I would expect. I have checked quite often to see if I get a report on the database but only once have I seen myself there. I have seen myself as the reporting station several times for other stations. Is the reporting done automatically, so long as one has ticked the box on the screen, and therefore depends simply on who has got you on their screen ? Also if the audio from the computer is going into the mic on the tranciever is it right to assume that there may be a tranciever problem causing no databox spot reports? I am also aware that it could simply be that no one can hear my 5Watts from GI. High Power makes no difference either, by the way.