WSPR DTR / RTS PTT control

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WSPR DTR / RTS PTT control

I found that my K3 could not use WSPR when controlling T/R PTT with the hardware serial RTS signal.
I used a rs232 breakoutbox to determine the problem and found that when RTS is selected for T/R or PTT control DTR keeps active in parallel with RTS.
My K3 is then overruling the audio WSPR signal with a CW carrier.
The DTR is controlling KEYing also in USB mode ( nice K3 feature).
So now i have to disconnect or disable the DTR line to use WSPR.
It is clearly not the K3 that causes this problem.

Another issue WSPR can not run longer then a few hours it is terminating unwanted.
I use PC with W2000 that always has been very stable with N1MM or WSJT4.

It is a pitty this is a genious system.
73 PA0O Jaap