User details, equipment and antennas

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User details, equipment and antennas

Hi All,

I realise that this has been suggested before but......

Now there are quite a large number of WSPR users, I think we would benefit from a more organised way of determining other users details, equipment and antennas.

I'd like to suggest a modification to the website, so that the user info includes name, location, antenna, radio and any other relevent information such as website urls. Perhaps it could also include some fields which could be updated by users to indicate which antenna (or direction of antenna) is currently in use.

This information could then be recalled by clicking on the callsign of the user wherever it apears in on the website or in the database. Perhaps the database could include somehow link to the 'antenna in use' so that the information could be pulled across ?

This would improve upon the current rather 'hit and miss' arrangement wher you have to piece together information about other users from a number of different sources. It's particuarly relevent for propogation experiments as it's not alwasy that easy to determine what folks are using.

Just a thought.