WSPR and deep QSB (E Sporadic)

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WSPR and deep QSB (E Sporadic)

WSPR and deep QSB (E Sporadic)

I was wondering that sometimes i couldn’t get a decoded signal , although i had a pretty nice
signal in the waterfall .(10m band –E Sporadic)
It seems that a couple of seconds with deep qsb (typical for E sporadic) destroys sometimes the data decoding .

Is it possible that a signal could be decoded without the 2 minutes periode received completely and
only partials with a good signal strength are available ?

If not , maybe it would be better to use a shorter period than 2 minutes ( maybe an special E-Sporadic mode) because signals are usually strong enough - but often with a lot of deep qsb within the 2 minutes periode.(but the opening itself could be several hours)

vy 73

Günter DF4PV