Changes to the way we WSPR ?

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Changes to the way we WSPR ?

Hi All,

Now I realise that I’m not going to be popular for suggesting some of this but here goes……..

It would seem that after the initial interest WSPR as a QSO mode is not being used very much. It would also seem that it is never likely to be as popular or usable as JT65 and that the actual number of QSO’s in progress at any time on any band is likely to be very low.

Can I suggest that WSPR QSO’s are conducted in the upper 100Hz of the existing WSPR beacon mode ‘bands’ that way it would be much easier to see if anyone is calling CQ to folks who are ‘beaconing’ without having to break off and tune further up the band..

I’m also suggesting that WSTJ7 is modified so that it can beacon as per WSPR, but with the additional QSO mode data fields, it would be possible to send additional information such as antenna in use etc. Perhaps it could send data fields sequentially so that more information could be conveyed on successive transmissions ?

On further thought, that I have suggested previously but I’d like to raise again, is a modification to WSPR so that it can vary the transmission time slots and TX frequency in a pseudo random sequence. This would ensure that stations are not missed over a period of time because the transmit time slots of both stations are always in sync, or because the TX frequencies clash with other stations or with interference at the receiving station.

The time slot would only have to be offset by 1 period say once or twice every hour (perhaps a smaller TX duty cycle of say 5 or 10% could be introduced which would achieve the same thing ?) and the TX frequency would only have to be varied by 10Hz or so each time to achieve the desired results. Although a larger shift would be useful to ensure that at least some transmissions fell in within the 200Hz WSPR ‘window’ if the frequency setting ability of the TX station was poor.

Just some thoughts to promote discussion……