Ic-7200 joy

Since I first joined here, I renewed my license and upgraded to Extra!

Just this week, with the help of a post on the forum, I was able to get the IC-7200 fully functioning with WSPR on Windows. The tasks are as follows:

    - Go to sourceforge (link) and download HAMLIB v1.2.11
    - unzip it. We need just three files.
    - Find hamlib-icom.dll, rigctl.exe and libham-2.dll. Copy these to the wspr program directory. We want to replace the existing versions.
    - Find the text file "hamlib_rig_numbers" (at least it seems to be all plain text) and add this line somewhere:
    361 Icom IC-7200 0.5 Untested
    The above is a direct copy paste from my own file.
    - Start WSPR. See if it complains about something in the hamlib_rig_numbers file. I messed with it for some time, I couldn't see what it was unhappy about, but I eventually got it to take the new line.
    - In setup, select:
      -- PTT Method is CAT
      -- CAT Port is the comport of the Icom USB device (see Device Manager in windows and find the CP210x com port)
      -- Pick the new Rig Number (361) (If it is not there, the hamlib_rig_numbers files is funky.)
      -- Make sure the Serial Rate, Data and Stop bits match what you see for the com port in device manager.

- That might do it. It didn't for me - I had to go to silabs (link) to get the latest icom usb driver. At the silabs page, go to the "Design Tools" Software Downloads drop down and pick the CP210x driver for your OS. I downloaded it, ran it and let it do whatever it wanted. At the end, it rebooted my netbook, and when I started WSPR, I had full control! When I change bands, it changes bands on the rig, keys and unkeys PTT ... It's GREAT.

Thanks to PB7T / Tom for the info.