Next band poll

I just posted poll regarding operations beyond 30m. Please vote based on your interest and ability to operate on a band other than 30m.

During the last week, we've more than doubled the spot rate that we're collecting, and we now have over a hundred regular operators. I think we have enough critical mass to have meaningful operation on one or two (especially if we do day/night).

Here are my personal thoughts:

We're heading into Es season in the northern hemisphere. Most seem to think of this as germane to 10m and above, but it affects lower frequencies as well.

I know several operators have dedicated 10m equipment, which is an argument in favor of using it. However, it's also a well-monitored band through other means (beacons, propnet).

Personally, I think 12m would be fun, since Es should show there as a possible early warning, and I don't expect QRM to be an issue.

I would be up for doing one of 15/12/10 during the day, and 80m at night. I believe 40m and 160m are too problematic to find QRGs which work for everyone.

Finally, I added a last alternative of a "band du jour", for which a large group could focus on one of the bands >=20m each day on a rotating basis.