ICOM IC-7200 Success

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ICOM IC-7200 Success

Following Tom's (PB7T) and others instructions and hints, I am able to get my IC-7200 working well with WSPR. Initially WSPR would not key the radio, no matter what combination of radios and settings I tried. Here is the path I used to get the radio and WSPR to work together:
1. Downloaded latest drivers from SiLabs ( https://www.silabs.com/products/interface/usbtouart/Pages/default.aspx ), just to be sure. Install - Reboot computer - Did not help, no transmit.
2. Downloaded from SourceForge the latest hamlib (hamlib-win32-1.2.11.zip), unzip and copy icom.dll, rigctl.exe and libham-2.dll into wspr directory.
3. Edited the hamlib_rignumbers by adding the following line:
361 Icom IC-7200 0.5 Untested
4. Set my radio to:
CIV Baud 192 (meaning 19200 serial rate)
CIV ADr 76
USB LVL 63 (can be adjusted based on computer output levels)
Mod u
Use D-Mod if in digital mode, Mod menu if not.
5. Reboot radio and computer (not sure if necessary)
6. Re-start WSPR and go into station parameters and set up as above including:
Enable CAT
PTT Method CAT
Select USB Audio CODEC for Audio In and Audio Out
CAT PORT COM 4 (for my computer - yours may be different)
RIG number: Select from Pull down 361 Icom IC-7200 0.5 Untested
Serial Rate 19200
Data Bits 8
Stop Bits 1
Handshake None
9. CLose Station Parameters window, close WSPR program
10. Re-start WSPR program - you should be all set from here on out. Try using the Band Menu to change bands, radio should follow. If OK, try setting TX fraction to 100% to force a transmit cycle. If works, reset to your normal transmit cycle, close program and then restart. Not sure why I needed to do this step but if I did not the program would keep using the old TX fraction setting.

Now all features work.

Thanks to those who went before me and figured this path out!