Icom 706 Mk2G Cat control

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Icom 706 Mk2G Cat control

I have been running WSPR on a Ft-2000 successfully with a homebrew sound interface and rs232 cat lead.
Not to keep the 2000 tied up, I now wish to use an Icom 706 mk2g.
The sound interface works fine, linked to the 6 pin mini-din on the radio.
I have connected a USB cat lead to the radio (usb/com port software installed) and all the cat commands work
except the TX command.
I have tried HRD but the same problem occurs !
Parameters are set:
Ptt method - CAT
Cat port - COM 3 (checked this in system properties)
Rig - IC706mk2g
Serial rate 19200 ( also set in menu on rig)
Data bits 8
Stop bits 2
handshake none.

The Icom instruction manual doesn't go into much cat detail, and I cant understand how
other cat commands work but not TX.

Must be missing something.

Thanks in advance for any info
Geoff GW6PXW