Grid Wrong/Grid Right Good Data

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Grid Wrong/Grid Right Good Data

I can not stress too strongly to those among us especially those new to WSPR.
We must have our grid position "RIGHT". The map is constantly distorted by wrongly
reported grid positions. One see's stations in the polar regions and oceanic regions
where no islands exist. Please, Please, check your grid position is "RIGHT" and correct.
We are here to expand the knowledge of weak signal propagation. Good and correct
information is essential to this end. I extall all to strive to have the data we
present to be as accurate, as we can present it, within the limitations of our equipment's limitations.
This extends to reporting the power of our transmissions correctly. There are those among us who
will report their power lower than transmitted. This has no other effect than skewing the data they
present. This is not a forum for competition. (Find that on 'Phone.) This is a forum for research.
The data found here may change all of our concepts concerning HF communications.
Let us keep it scientific if we can. Having said all of this, most everyone here will
help with any kind of problem you might have. Ask and you will be helped.
Regards Eric VK5ZAG