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Just for giggles <G>

Reviewing spots of my 100mw signal from last night shows that some of the folks in quieter locations (WA2YUN, W5OLF, VE7TIL, et al) might be able to spot me at lower power. So... I will be WSPRing at 20mw output to see what results might be had. The antenna is my 119' long wire 10' above the roof of the 3 floor apartment building I live in... no ground is accessible so I am using the aluminum framing of the jalousie windows that runs the length of my 2nd floor apartment (about 25') as a counterpoise. With a series LC network in the 'ground' lead I am able to reduce reflected power to less than 2%.

It would be nice to reciprocate but despite all my best efforts to date I have only been able to reduce my urban Honolulu noise level to a persistent S5.

I have a sneaking suspicion that it might be possible to push my signal over the North Pole to Europe if I go QRO to something in the neighborhood of 10 watts output. It would be interesting to see how well WSPR mode works through polar flutter and phase shifting.


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