FT-950 data mode and radio setup

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FT-950 data mode and radio setup

Hi Guys

New here and confused already!

I'm trying WSPR with a FT-950 and I have a dilemma over setup.

To use an audio based digital mode (e.g. PSK) the radio has to be in PKT-LSB mode, there are two menu items associated which are "packet frequency display offset" - this is set to -1000Hz, "carrier point during SSB packet operation" - this is set to 1000Hz. So that's how the radio is setup for WSPR and my display frequency (on 20M) is 14.095.60.

I'm simply not convinced I have this set correctly as I'm failing to decode anything.

Also when I replay the sound file with the WSPR software I see the callsigns et cetera in the large whitespace area of the screen but the band map area remains blank.

Can anyone help?


Mark. G0MGX