Antenna comparison with WSPR

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Antenna comparison with WSPR

WSPR seems to be a good new tool for comparing antenna transmitting performance. If the antennas are the same type, the results may indicate that one antenna is a better radiator. If they aren't the same type, the results indicate which distance or direction may be covered better with one or the other.

I think the results will be more accurate if the antennas are in the open, and at least 1 wavelength apart when used for simultaneous WSPR transmissions. The advantage with WSPR is that many variables are handled by having both transmissions received in a 200 Hz bandwidth, and probably in almost all cases on the same antenna and receiver.

I was able to compare two antennas this weekend under these conditions, and while it would have been nice to collect more data points, what is there may be useful.

I compared a Par EndFedz EF-30 and a Miracle Antenna MMD 30 as they might often be set up in the field, with the same configuration at the same time and same place.

For the whole report go to:

Thank you.
Charles Preston