WSPR 2.11 r 2247 CAT

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WSPR 2.11 r 2247 CAT

I setup CAT for my Softrock intending to use COM port PTT.
It worked but when I tried to turn CAT off it wouild not let me.
I saw that it had Changed the PTT method to CAT when I do not want that.
PTT method/ PTT port/ CAT port/ Enable CAT just return to the previous setting. The tick in the box or drop-down selection will not change.
Deleted WSPR.ini and it was OK after another setup until I set it to CAT, same thing but at least I had a copy of the ini file...

Ah! I see this is associated with fmt.ini, deleting that puts things right, till the next time. But it will not let me setup as COM PTT.

Another thing that has got lost in the 2.1 series is logging TX in ALL_WSPR.txt, it does it a couple of times after a start but then no record.

73 Alan