TS-570S(G) and WSPR CAT

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TS-570S(G) and WSPR CAT

Unable to make CAT work with Kenwood TS-570S(G). PTT using COM3 and DTS, no problem. Computer with RigBlaster interface will key radio to transmit. However, CAT will not change radio to TX frequency. THe PTT/COM 3 works fine with DigiPan, MTTY, ChromaPix, etc., and works fine with WSPR. The CAT set up is COM4, 9600 baud, 8 data bits, 1 stop bit, and handshaking set to NONE. This works fine with WinEQF, all radio functions available via the logging program. Radio is also set to 9600 baud. I can do a work around, set the radio for split operation and when PTT is activated by COM3 it will switch to TX frequency. Not a good work around however as the split much be set any time a band change is made. I have looked through the forums with not much luck. Have tried various ideas others have posted, useing 7 data bits and 2 stop bits, no help. Tried using Hardware for handshaking, no help. Also tried a few other Kenwood rigs, no help. So, if someone is running a TS-570S and has it working would be interested in your settings. Thanks in advance.