No map in map window! And TX locks up...

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No map in map window! And TX locks up...

Hi all,

yesterday I downloaded, installed, and tried WSPR. Seems to work mostly well, at least I could receive beacons right away, upload my spots, see on the web that other stations are receiving me, and so on.

I have two problems so far. One about the map on the website, the other about TX lockup of the software.

First problem: When watching the activity map on the web site, I see the callsigns, the links, but no map! The stations and links just float on an empty background. It's useful anyway, but where's the map gone?
Also, I haven't figured out yet how to zoom out, so that I can see the whole map and not just a small portion of it. Panning around is too slow to be practical.

The second problem: When I'm using the computer for e-mail or anything else, while QSPR is running, RX still seems to work fine. But if the program decides to transmit, very often it will leave the radio locked in TX mode forever. The audio signal eventually stops, but the PTT remains assessed. One test I did was just waiting for the next transmision, about ten minutes later. The program will NOT generate audio for that transmission, while the screen display remains normal. And the radio remains in TX mode.
Exiting the program immediately releases the PTT, and after re-starting the program it works fine.
As long as the computer is not used for anything besides WSPR, this problem doesn't happen.

Any hint, anyone?