Unreciprocal reports

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Unreciprocal reports

Hello everybody,
Yesterday afternoon, I found some strange reporting results with F5PNV with whom I was making some tests. I received quite clearly his transmission but he never received anything from me (F2MM/P). He transmitted with 7 dB more than me but this difference could not explain these unreciprocal results. The SNR displayed on the 17 spots from 1300 to 1634 gave SNR varying between -22 and +6 dB. These reports from my own file (ALL_WSPR) showed a DT of 0.5s to 1.3s assuming a negative offset of the same amount in the other way.
I verified with DXs spots of VK2TPM receiving our both signals and also well received by both of us. Everything was OK... Can somebody tell me what is wrong with that observation or where this problem could come from ?
73' from Jacques