WSPR 2.20 problems

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WSPR 2.20 problems

I downloaded WSPR 2.20 r2279 last night with much interest in the frequency hopping capability. I have used previous versions with success in the past. I have it hooked up to a Yaesu FT-950.
I am finding the follow issues with WSPR 2.20
1) When switching over to 20M it will switch and display the frequency as 500MHZ.
2) When using frequency hopping, it will switch the band on both the software and the radio like it should BUT it only does this for four hops. After that it will indicate a band hop in the software but will not switch the band on the radio.

I believe I have it set up correctly because it does switch bands on the radio if I do it manually through the software.

Just wondering if anyone else using WSPR 2.20 has the same problems.

David, AK4DW