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Yaesu 817ND


I recently purchased a new Yaesu 817ND which I am trying to get on the air with WSPR. One interesting problem that I am having is getting the radio to work on WSPR using a RT Systems (Yaesu) USB-62B.

The cable works fine to program the radio, using HDR, etc. but won't work with WSPR. I set up the radio and I get error messages when trying to change frequencies.

I have the same type cable that I am using with my 857D and it works fine. Switch the cable and it works fine.

Evidently there is something in the electronics that is different between the two cables. I probably need to call RT Systems on Monday, but has anyone else ran into this issue.

Oh, I have the "old" and "new" versions of WSPR and experience the same problem.


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