Icom IC-7600 CAT Control

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Icom IC-7600 CAT Control

I've searched the archives here to see if there was an answer to this issue yet but apparently not. WSPR will operate my new IC-7600 via a microHAM DigiKeyer interface but not rig control. The same I/O functions correctly via CAT control from all my other digital programs, not all of which have the specific 7600 option under rig choice; no of the Icom model options under WSPR appear to function though. The Hamlib site's version win32-1.2.12 supposedly includes the 7600 but when I all the icom .dll file to the WSPR folder I still do not see the 7600 offered as an option.

Anyone out there have any better luck? This is especially important with the new frequency versatile version that Joe has just put forward.

Thanks in advance.

73 - Dino KL0S