WSPR I/Q transmit timing

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WSPR I/Q transmit timing

I have tried almost all versions of WSPR, which allows use it in I/Q mode with RX/TX Ensemble SDR trcvr using CAT 2509 SoftRock Si570 AVR-USB . Receiving is perfect in my opinion (at least better, then I am using PSDR IQ 12.20 with ASIO drivers with E-MU 0202 sound card and VAC and WSPR 2.0_r1714). But in transmitting mode it works for me strange - first transmiting cycle begins at approximately second number 10 and ends at next minute approximately at 57 -58 second.On the second transmitting cycle (and all other transmitting cycles ) transmitter starts at approximatelly second number 2 and ends transmitting cycle at next minute second number 47-48. Of course I have very few spots using this type of transmitting time. My computer time is synchronized by Dimension4. What can be wrong in my setup?
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