WSPR on a slow computer? (Linux)

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WSPR on a slow computer? (Linux)

I'm trying to get WSPR to run on a slow computer running Linux. The CPU is running at 266MHz, or about 10% of the speed of a new laptop.

I'm doing this because the computer itself is very small and does not have a fan, so I can basically dedicate it to WSPR. It's running Linux and has an AMD processor.

I installed WSPR and it starts up, but the GUI is never painted. The GUI windows for WSPR itself and for setting the station parameters open, but they are not painted (no buttons etc). WSPR runs at close to 100% CPU, but nothing happens.

I modified to print out a message in the update function, and the message gets printed periodically, so the code is not dead or stuck, but it's not painting the windows.

Anybody has any advice? Is WSPR trying to do more than the CPU can handle so it never gets around to painting the windows? Any other likely problem?

Thanks, sivan