Gentlemen's band

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Gentlemen's band

Since the night-time focus for today and tomorrow is 160 meters I figured I would give it a try... always game to tilt at a few windmills from time to time

Scrounged around and managed to find a ferrite toroid on one of my currently unused audio cables. Salvaged from a computer monitor and probably type 75 or 77 ferrite. Not really appropriate but... what the hey! Wound 9 turns of #22 on it with a tap at 3 turns to create a step-down xfrmr. My LDG would tune into it but too much reflected power. Cut back a turn at a time until I got a decent match at 5 turns overall with the tap point at 3 turns. Reflect is about 15% of forward power which is tolerable.

The toroid gets hot during a 2 minute xmsn at 5 watts but remains cool to the touch after 2 minutes at 1 watt. It's still most likely absorbing most of the power output but it will have to do until I can order some decent T130 or T200 red cores.

Receive side sounds OK but no spots yet (it's still a bit early here in Honolulu). The band is relatively quiet but I do hear some lightning crashes from time to time.

According to EZNEC my 119' longwire at 35' is certainly not a low angle radiator and my favored direction will be toward Australia/New Zealand. Nevertheless it's worth a try running at 1 watt output. Hopefully I will spot a few stations and maybe Serendipity will smile on me with a spot in the wee small hours of the morning.


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