Problems with Yaesu radios and CAT commands ?

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Problems with Yaesu radios and CAT commands ?

Hi All,

I notice that a few people are having problems with CAT control when frequency hopping.

I also had this problem, even though band switching seem to work perfectly normally when I did it manually via the band menu.

I eventually traced the problem to the CAT settings.

Most Yaesu tranceivers command sets seem to use 1 Start bit, 8 Data bits, No Parity and 2 Stop bits. I had originally selected 1 Stop bit in error.

The commands may work with some incorrect parameters, but it is not reliable. A lot seems to depend upon the PC and RS 232 interface being used.

If you are having problems please check in your radio operating manual what other CAT parameters need to be set, in addition to just selecting the correct radio from the list.