Monitoring 80 or 160m during West Coast Night

I will usually leave WSPR running in receive mode during the night here on the West Coast on either 80m or 160m.

I've done this for the last couple of nights on both 160 and 80 - there seems to be a pretty stable path on both 160 and 80 between VK7 and W6. Also a path exists in the hours before dawn to Wake Island on 80m. Despite WSPR not decoding or logging any spots, I also leave WSJT7 running in WSPR receive mode - WSJT decoded the signals from WA2YUN on Wake this morning at sign levels between -10 and -14 dB. Very impressive as all of these were with 5 watts on the sending end!

Also see evidence of a polar path from W6 to HB - will have to see if that is stable.

Also of interest, I saw the trace of W8LIW for many hours after daylight - neither WSPR nor WSJT would decode the signal - I suspect there was too much flutter on the signal - however, it was very clear on the waterfall and bang on the frequency for W8LIW.

My 80m antenna is a G5RV dipole in a semi-inverted V configuration - one side level at about 35 feet, the other sloping. The antenna for 160m is an inverted L with peak at 65 feet.

I'm also open to running JT65 or WSPR QSOs across these paths - prior coordination necessary since I'll be setting the alarm clock to get out of bed!