Jan 18 wrong band spots

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Jan 18 wrong band spots

For the past 4 days I've been trying out WSPR Beta version 2.2, using the new bandhopping feature. It has performed quite well, for the most part. However, some manual band switching on my part, reconfiguring settings during transmissions and possibly some WSPR to K3 communications problems have caused some problems.

On January 18, 2011 starting at 0544 UTC, WSPR stopped controlling the K3 transceiver. As a result, although WSPR reported K1HTV band changes to WSPRnet that were not occuring. The K3 should have switched between 160M, 80M, 40M and 30 Meter WSPR frequencies. Instead, it remained transmitting and receiving on 7.040150 MHz until 1432 UTC.

As a result any reports of K1HTV hearing stations on any other bands except 40 Meters between 0544 and 1432 UTC are in error. All K1HTV putouts to WSPRnet for that period on Jamuary 18 should be for 40 Meters.

Sorry for the errors. I will report some of my findings on WSPR Beta version 2.2 in a separate report.

Rich - K1HTV