Short TX drops only with WSPR Beta 2.2

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Short TX drops only with WSPR Beta 2.2

Thanks for your reply regarding momentary WSPR TX audio dropouts. What triggers the problem on this end is to submit a search of the WSPRnet database using IE version 7 while in the WSPR transmit mode. This problem occurs regularly while using the beta Version 2.20_r2279 but does NOT occur when I use Version 2.0_r1714. The only other program normally running is RXCLUS, a DX Cluster piece of software which I run 24/7 to capture and display DX putouts.

I just ran a test, closing all applications programs on the computer except WSPR 2.2 and IE7 on the WSPRnet site. When I submitted queries to the WSPRnet database about a half dozen momentary short TX audio dropouts occur each time.

Does the Beta 2.2 version use a lot more CPU processing than my 2GHz CPU can supply while I also use IE7?

Rich - K1HTV