WSPR Beta 2.2 anomalies

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WSPR Beta 2.2 anomalies


Here are some anomalies that I've experienced while using WSPR 2.20_r2279.

While band hopping between 160, 80 & 40M, WSPR switched to 40M, received signals on 40M but reported them as 160M. This anomaly may have been caused when, while transmitting on 80M, I used the 'setup/band hopping' pulldown menu to uncheck 60M (chosen in error during initial setup) and select the 30M band.

I had set WSPR to band hop on 160M, 80M and 40M. While transmitting on 40M, I removed the 80M band and added the 30M band using the 'setup/band hopping' pulldown menu. When the next transmit cycle occurred, WSPR switched the K3 transceiver to 160M. The K3 red 'TX' LED came on OK, but there was no transmit audio or RF output. Even with the red LED on, when I turned the AF volume control up, I could hear receive whitenoise as if the radio was in the receive mode but no signals. As soon as the 2 minute TX cycle was over, I could hear 160M band noise for a few seconds before WSPR switched the K3 to another band.

WSPR continued to switch between 160M, 40M and the newly selected 30M band. However, another strange started to occur. After switching to 40M, then receiving and decoding 40M signals, WSPR reported them as being on 160 meters.

Next WSPR switched the K3 to 30M, received and decoded a signal and reported the 30M signal as being on 40M.

Next, while still on 30M, WSPR put the K3 in the transmit mode. The K3 'TX' LED came on but as reported above, there was TX audio, no RF output and I could hear noise as if the K3 was in the receive mode with no antennas connected.

Finally, WSPR 2.2, the K3 was switched to 40M, signals were received and decoded. But the 40M signals were reported as being heard on 30M.

I closed WSPR 2.20 and restarted it. While the 'waiting to start' message was displayed, but with the 'idle' box unchecked, using 'Setup/bandhopping' I checked 160M, 80M and 30M' set each to 25%. Then I checked the 'Frequency Hop' box. During the first receive cycle, with the K3 switched to 30M, a signal was heard and decoded. But instead of displaying it as being on 30M it was displayed an reported to WSPRnet as being on 160M.

I've noticed this wrong band reporting numerous times where the K3 is correctly switched to one of the band hopping frequencies, but after signals are received, they are reported on the display and put out to WSPRnet on the wrong band.

Any ide as to what might be happening?

Isn't software debugging fun....NOT!! :-)

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