Making do...

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Making do...

...with what I've got.

I have been having fairly good results with a simple 80-mtr tuner between my 119' long wire and my Z-100Plus autotuner. Just 14 turns of #20 plastic insulated wire closewound on a piece of 2X2" pine with a 365pF variable in parallel. A 3-1/2 turn link wound in the first few turns of the coil connecting to the Z-100, my longwire to the top and the bottom connected to my jalousie window frame "ground". The combo tunes nicely with no hand capacitance in evidence and reflected power is <10% of forward power.

Home with a nasty cold today, band condx aren't that good on 17 or 20mtrs so what to do? Grab that piece of pine 2X2" that I used to make the 80-mtr coil and see if I can whip up something for 160-mtrs. I anticipated some 10s of turns between longwire and "ground" with a variable cap in series from the top to the Z-100 but... just a loading coil of 27 closewound turns seems to have done the trick. Less than 50mW reflected with 5 watts output.

Still another 5 hours or so to go until darkness and I can hardly wait to see how it works. A curious note... despite my longwire being a cloudwarmer on 40 and 80 mtrs EZNEC seems to indicate that it will have a better low angle pattern on 160 than on either of the higher bands. Wait'n'see


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